Goodshares Investing acts as an active shareholder and is currently invested in the following companies:

Ackerhelden – rents ready made “self-harvest” garden parcels to citiers, who have always wished to harvest their own vegetables. Ackerhelden already operate community farms with 60 to 300 units in more than 15 German cities. In cooperation with the agricultural and forestry department of the Viennese city council, the first organic self-harvested fields were started in Vienna.

Habibi & Hawara – is a private and independent entrepreneurial incubator. It is an Austrian-Oriental fusion restaurant and catering business, with the focus on securing jobs for refugees and migrants. Furthermore, within the framework of a social franchise system, it wants to enable independent entrepreneurship for it’s employees. In addition to the location in the centre of Vienna, two further restaurants opened, one in Nordbahnviertel, the other one at Siebensternplatz. Myriad products are created at Habibi and Hawara, available at the supermarkets Billa and Merkur.

Weitsicht Cobenzl – a castle on the outskirts of Vienna, with a mindblowing overview of the City. The City of Vienna has entrusted “Goodshares” this special location for it’s further development. From 2020 onwards, several historic buildings, with a total usable space of more than 4,500 m2 on an area of 10,000 m2, will be renovated. In the future Weitsicht Cobenzl will serve as a Viennese coffe house, event location, and as a theater and concert stage.

goood – a virtual mobile phone provider that actually does good. For it’s customers at no extra cost. The difference to other network providers is the social focus. “goood” enables its’s users to support a social project of their choice with 10% of the monthly package price. “goood” returns as much as possible of their revenue share to society.

Fair Finance – Austria’s first and only private employee pension fund, that uses money as a social tool and promotes sustainable social development. More than € 650 mio. are already invested for customers, such as Swarovsky, Brau Union, RHI or Sonnentor. The company has already received several IPE Country Awards, for the best pension fund in the country.

Schillinger`s Swing Kitchen – the world’s first vegan burger restaurant chain, founded by vegan pioneer Charly Schillinger. Great burgers, Wraps, “Chicken-Strips” and dessert, often better but certainly more sustainable than the “original”. Since it’s founding in 2016, five stores have been opened in Vienna, one in Graz, two in Berlin and one more in Berne. Expansion and the search for franchisees are ongoing.

Finca Legado Ibiza – a special kind of an agro-touristic boutique-hotel in the east of Ibiza. Andreas Oberkanins and Andreas  Lackner serve culinary and atmospheric demands, off the party scene at a high level and according to ecological criteria

Cutz, frozen cookie dough – a frozen dough-roll for a convenient and quick preparation of cookies that taste like homemade. It is available in a lot of different flavours and is produced by a family business in Vienna. Due to the fast and professional processing, Cutz does not use any preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Carbomed –  produces, with ILO, a worldwide patented fertility tracker for natural family planning. The “Breath ILO” determines the women’s fertile days simply and accurately. In only one daily minute it enables the observation of the cycle and identifies individual symptoms..

Craft Beer Fest – an analogue and digital market for handcrafted beer specialities from local beer breweries as well as international creative breweries and selected street food highlights. It offers the unique opportunity to taste many beer specialities and get to know the spectrum of the new craft beer movement.

Up Stream Surfing – provides and operates sustainable surfing solution in rivers. The patented system enables a mixture of stream surfing, wave riding and wakeboarding – powered by the current of a river alone, without any additional power source.

Wiener Woche der Würde  – is a series of events in different locations in Vienna that all circle around the concept of “dignity”. The top-class speakers explain their definition of “dignity” to bring this concept more into public perception. “Dignity” should be easier to grasp so it can be applied in everyday life. It will take place again in 2020 as a part of Game Changer Festival.

LANDLUST Immobilien – a real estate company that concentrates on the development and construction of low-impact residential and office buildings. Some old farmhouses in the Weinviertel are currently undergoing renovation. Special attention is paid to the preservation of existing buildings and it’s structure while at the same time providing the most modern living comfort.


Casa Acquilea – a project development company for a very special vegan retreat on one of the most beautiful Istrian squares owned by the company. The planning is to be completed in 2020 and contruction is to begin in 2021.

Refugium Bergmühle – is a place where body, mind and soul are at home. In Refugium Bergmühle, city dwellers enjoy the peace of nature, friends celebrate family celebrations and business people find new solutions between old, inspiring mill-walls.

Monopol Medien – an innovative media and communications company with numerous publications, including Biorama, the largest German-language magazine for sustainable lifestyle.Monopol is also active in content and corporate publishing.

Gut Bergmühle – an organic farm in the north of Vienna, which serves as a strong foundation for the projects Refugium Bergmühle and Stadtflucht Bergmühle. Almost 40 hectares of organic arable land are partly cultivated by the company itself and partly leased to neighbouring organic farmers.

Stadtflucht Bergmühle – an association for cooking and leisure in the countryside, on an area of one hectare, only 30 minutes from Vienna’s city center, with a maximum of 600 members and thousands of visitors every year. Stadtflucht Bergmühle is very popular as a location for weddings and larger events. It was also selected by Matthias Horx’ Zukunftsinstitut as a best practice example in trend and potential analysis.

Cell Med Research – an Austrian life science company with it’s own GMP laboratory in Krems, which is dedicated to the research of immunotherapy, with dendritic cells for the treatment of solid cancer tumors. It also developed the product “Procure”. Phase I has been completed with sensational results; the “time to progression” in ovarian carcinoma was increased from average of 14,5 months to more than 30 months in 16 patients (as of January 2015). Approximately € 16 mio have already been invested in the company, and the financing round for the start of phase II, study with 70 patients is running successfully. The company is currently undergoing restructuring.